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The Career & Civic Engagement Center at Bryn Mawr

Posted 15 October 2019 | 4:01 pm

From Katie Krimmel, Associate Dean of the Career & Civic Engagement Center   I always share my cell phone number with students. If they are ever on the fence about applying for a job or an internship, I want them to call me so that I can remind them of all of the ways their […]

Philly Thrive

Posted 14 October 2019 | 3:56 pm

Page under construction 10/14/19 Mission: Our mission is help everyone to understand that we all have the right to breathe. Fossil fuels threaten the lives of Philadelphians everyday. It causes asthma, cancer, and other health effects among residents, and brings safety hazards such as explosive oil trains and gas pipelines, disproportionately impacting low-income families and […]

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum

Posted 14 October 2019 | 3:47 pm

Updated 10/14/19 About John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum is America’s First Urban Refuge and was established in 1972 for the purpose of preserving, restoring, and developing the natural area known as Tinicum Marsh, to promote environmental education, and to afford visitors an opportunity to study wildlife in its natural habitat. The refuge houses […]

Lower Merion Climate Action Coalition

Posted 14 October 2019 | 3:37 pm

Under construction: 10/14/19 Mission: Lower Merion Climate Action Coalition (LMCAC) is an organizing umbrella for educators and organizations committed to addressing sustainability and climate challenges within Lower Merion Township through education, responsible practice, and community engagement. LMCAC aims to: Promote environmental education within and beyond the classroom, especially leveraging local opportunities Collaborate and share information […]

Complete the Information Security Education Program by 11/1/19

Posted 14 October 2019 | 12:00 pm

The Bryn Mawr College Information Security Education Program launched October 1st and runs through the month of October. Community members are responsible for completing the program by November 1, 2019. Get started by logging into Moodle and navigating to the Information Security course. More information about the program cycle, requirements, and information security competencies is available on the LITS Website. Information security […]

Emergency Elections: October Elections

Posted 10 October 2019 | 3:48 pm

Head of Committee of Campus Safety Chloe Stapleton-Gray Hi! I’m Chloe Stapleton-Gray (she/her, class of 2023), and I’m running for Head of Committee of Campus Safety. I have been a part of student government, city government, and a model government for many years before my time at Bryn Mawr. From middle school on, I was […]

Jhumpa Lahiri al Bryn Mawr College

Posted 10 October 2019 | 2:05 pm

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