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Comment Policy

Posted 13 September 2014 | 9:03 am

Comments are welcomed and encouraged. Comments will be moderated before posting. There may be a delay between the time you post your comment and when it appears on the site. The comments section is a place for respectful discussion around potentially controversial subjects. Comments may be edited or deleted under the following conditions: 1. A [...]


Posted 13 September 2014 | 2:44 am

Name Change

Posted 13 September 2014 | 2:26 am

In light of recent events surrounding race and identity on campus, Asian Students’ Association (ASA) has decided to change our name to Hyphen (Asian-American Students’ Association). Two major changes have been made: the new title, Hyphen, and the addition of the –American to our subtitle. 1. The name Hyphen was chosen to represent the space [...]


Posted 13 September 2014 | 2:21 am

Here’s a Story I Hope You’ll Like…

Posted 12 September 2014 | 11:34 pm

Years are difficult things to summarize. Nonetheless, though I understand this has the potential to be quite boring, I consider it important as an introduction to the upcoming year. I shall be brief. If, after this, you are still curious about this person known as The Author, you may skip over to the “Author Sketch” page. I [...]

Back at the Mawr

Posted 12 September 2014 | 7:32 pm

It is the start of my junior year at Bryn Mawr and the fun is just beginning! Check out what has been going on in the past two weeks: Enjoy This is the link to all the other Banter Bloggers in the program:

Tavola Italiana! Venite, tutti!

Posted 12 September 2014 | 2:50 pm

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